Patrick Ashcroft

I was a simple guy. I played football and learned how the body physically worked…after that I started coaching others to play football, and I based everything on how the body worked (because that’s all that really mattered right?). I based almost everything I taught on physical capabilities. I quickly learned that the mindset of athletes was the difference maker, but it took me years to apply that thinking to my own life…

How do you describe yourself? If you had 1 sentence to describe yourself, how would you do it? I had a long period in life I would have summed it up in 1 word…. Failure. That’s how I felt, and dealing with that failure was a struggle that truly affected everything in my life. Craziest part about that, no one knew! I acted every single day as if nothing was wrong. I functioned fine, I appeared happy… If I just pretended I was fine for everyone around me, I would be, right? It took 2 major wake up calls to create my breaking point for this change: 1. Another failed business attempt (An entrepreneurial spirit didn’t trump the fear of failure in my book.). 2. My relationship was failing (and inevitably failed) because I wasn’t operating at my best, allowing for countless issues between us.

So, how did I change myself for the better? Easy answer- self-leadership. I learned how to change my mindset and how I looked at the failure that ran my life. I set goals, not the first thing that came to mind that I wanted to do, but actually thought out achievable goals that were built on a greater purpose. But to ever get to those goals, I had to reevaluate my values and why I did what I did… I created a personal culture that aligned me with what I wanted to accomplish. Finally, I tested myself constantly. And guess what?! I failed in some of those tests, but instead of staying within the failure, I learned from it and moved on.

So…I know you’re all thinking about it… why mountains that make us? When you think about your life, and I mean really think about it, chances are that every successful event you have had was built on a mountain of failures or short comings and that it doesn’t matter how big that mountain is or how far you’ve climbed, just make sure you get to see the view from the top…

As a self-leadership developer, I want to help you better yourself in the present to help you achieve your long term goals.

I ask, if you take anything from reading this, it’s simple…. Keep climbing

Patrick Ashcroft
Patrick Ashcroft